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Bar Consultancy

There are many ways we can work together in your venue, be that a hotel cocktail bar or a local independent wanting to give the guests a new experience.

I work closely with you as a client and clearly guide you trough all the stages in our collobration. Some clients wish to have a complete package from concept to launch or others choose specific areas they would like me to help with.


My over-all goal is to get your venue reaching its fullest potential bespoke to your venue. 

  • Research & Concept Development. I make sure to stay up-to-date with the latest trends & techniques of the cocktail world by going attending trade shows and travelling to new and exciting bars around the world.  When designing a new bar or cocktail menu beginning with a strong concept best fitting your bar's brand will create a much stronger focus that all details will flow through. I will work on developing this concept or implementing your concept into the best cocktail menu for your venue. 

  • Cocktail & Menu Creation. With a strong concept established I will work on the perfect drinks and cocktails for your menu. I explore the different senses, ingredients, flavour profiles, the story behind the drink even the ritual of the serve itself all keeping in line with your venues concept and theme. 

  • Bar Layout and Logistics. An efficient bar set-up will allow your staff a more enjoyable working experience that that ensures consistency and speed. Thus an over-all better guest experience. 

  • 360 Training. This offering can take a few different formats however typically I will spend 2 weeks training your team in-depth on the new menu and style of service along with the spirits and products offered beyond the cocktail menu. This gives all members of your team the confidence when speaking about the totally venue drinks offering. I look at all drinks service aspects from the creation of the drink to the final sip by a guest. This is also about inspiring all the staff to upsell and enjoy the drinks they are talking about.  

  • WSET Qualification. Venues like to offer this to their own staff to bring them up to a high level of global spirits knowledge. It gives everyone in the company the confidence when speaking with spirits outside of their brand. Also this can be offered as an incentive to sales staff and bartenders - everyone loves & rememberers the brand that put them through WSET. 

  • Launch Support. As a highly experienced bartender I enjoy being behind the bar. When launching a new menu it can be difficult when the guests arrive. I offer physical support during soft launches, PR/Press nights and official service.

  • Quality Check. Sometimes when a consultant has left things can change for the better or worse. I offer check-in's. These will look at implementing changes that may have occurred into the over-all check, updating or changing the menu and making sure all new staff are up-to-date with venue standards. 

  • Steps-of Service Manuals. Possibly the most important. I create a bespoke manual for all staff to see based on all of the work carried out. The cocktail recipes, how to set up and close down the bar correctly, stock lists, bar layout and steps of service along with any other pieces of information needed. This is an extremely important piece to make sure everything runs smoothly all year round. 

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Concept Development / Cocktail Programme / Staff Training / Food Pairing
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